School of Allied medical sciences was established in 1984 and started its first educational year in operating room major in 1986. To develop the activities of the college, radiology, laboratory Sciences, and medical records majors were developed in 1993, 1993, and 1997 respectively. Currently the school has 25 academic members and four academic departments as follow:


  1. Health Information Technology and Medical Records
  2. Operating room, anesthesia and medical emergency
  3. Laboratory Sciences
  4. Radiology

School of Paramedical Sciences has six Programs as follows:

  • Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.Sc)
  • Radiology (B.Sc.)
  • Operating Room (B.Sc)
  • Anesthesiology (B.Sc)
  • Emergency Medicine (B.Sc(
  • Health Information Technology (B.Sc(