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Each of us has a way to deal with life issues. Sometimes we alone handle them well or we appeal to our friends or families for help. In some cases, we may consult specialists like physicians, lawyers, social worker, psychologist or counselor. Mental health specialists such as psychologists and counselors help people return to the right track of life. Different reasons may cause individuals to be interested in visiting consultants, such as family problems, loneliness, anxiety or depression, school failure, inability to make decisions or difficulty in social relationships; but to use advice you must not be necessarily disturbed, distressed or you must not have even a problem! You can decide to use counselors' guidance in order to have a better life, understand yourselves and others better, and therefore flourish your abilities and talents.

Counseling office tries to:

Enhance the knowledge of self, beliefs, talents and abilities.

Prevent problems and mental-social illnesses.

Treat and improve psychological problems.

Provide assistance to individuals in decision-making in life.

Help individuals improve their personal, familial and marital relationships compatibility.

Prevent academic failure.