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The Department of Microbiology has officially been started in 1989 by holding microbiological courses for the first year of medical students. The microbiology department laboratory has the right equipment to carry out practical unit tests. Currently, the microbiology course for medical students is held in the fourth semester. This department also holds microbiology courses of other programs at other schools. The main aim of the microbiological research is to study hospital infections, antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria and resistance mechanisms, and theses have been implemented by students in this fields. Among other research programs, this section seeks to find useful microorganisms (enzyme-producing bacteria, toxins, etc.). The microbiology department also contributes to the formation of various workshops and is ready to implement joint projects. Microbiology department encompasses two educational groups:

1-     Bacteriology

2-     Virology  


# Members Degree Interests Emails
1 Dr. Hamed Gouklani (Head)

Ph.D in Medical Virology

HCV vector production and transfection, HCV virus stock preparation, virus titration (plaque assay and TCID50), virus neutralization assays gouklanih@gmail.com
2 Dr. Sedigheh Javadpour Ph.D in Biotechnology Mechanisms of Antimicrobial resistance in Bacteria, Seeking for Benefecial Micro-organisms   sjavadpour@hums.ac.ir
3 Dr. Saeed Shoja PhD in Medical Bacteriology

Research in Microbiology

4 Dr. Hesam Alizadeh PhD in Medical Bacteriology

Research in Microbiology


5 Dr. Abbas Farahani PhD in Medical Bacteriology

Epidemiology, Bacteriology, Microbiology, Mycobacteriology