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# Members Degree Interests Emails
1 Dr. Mahsa Rahimzadeh PhD in Biochemistry

1- Molecular mechanism of acute kidney injury.

2- Epigenetic study of coronary artery disease

2 Dr. Ebrahim Eftekhar PhD in Clinical biochemistry

1- Biochemical and molecular variation in coronary artery disease.

2- Molecular Mechanism of chemotherapy resistance in colorectal cancer.

3 Dr. Nahid Davoodian PhD in Clinical biochemistry

1- stem cell-hepatic

2- differentiation mechanism

3- neuroscience

4 Dr. Mahmood Khayatian PhD in Clinical biochemistry 1-Biochemical process in kidney disease. kayatianm@gmail.com
5 Dr. Soheila Moin PhD in Clinical biochemistry

1- Enzyme inhibition in diabetes.

2- Antioxidant effect of herbal extracts.

3-miRNA as biomarkers in disease.

6 Dr. Gholamreza Farshidfar PhD in Biochemistry 1- Biochemical process of the disease. drghfarshidfar@yahoo.com
7 Dr. Hossein Montakhab Yeganeh PhD in Clinical biochemistry

1-Immunotherapy in breast cancer

2- Arginase inhibitor design for intracellular pathology.