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Parasitology and Mycology

The parasitology department aims to teach parasitology to the students of medical sciences in order to identify parasitic diseases in the region and the country, creating a firm foundation for diagnosing, treating and preventing parasitic infections in the clinic, and observing the ultimate values of this section, including the ethics of education, Discipline and educational planning and to train an expert manpower that can enhance the health of the community and to use the qualified faculty members.

Research priorities

1- Immunologic disorders caused by malnutrition

2. Immunologic disorders in thalassemia

3.Immunologic disorders in Pre-eclampsia

4.Immunologic disorders in breast cancer

# Members Degree Interests Emails
1 Dr. Saeedeh Amani Ph.D. in Mycology Research in Mycology S.amanigh@hums.ac.ir
2 Dr. Abdorreza Salahimoghaddam PhD in Medical Parasitology Ecology and Epidemiology of parasites A.Salahi.Moghaddam@gmail.com
3 Dr. Jebreil Shamsoddin (Head) Ph.D. in Parasitology Research in Parasitology and Mycology Shams.jebreil@gmail.com
4  Sekhavat Ameri Siyahuei Medical Mycology Research in Parasitology and Mycology