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Fields of activity of the Pharmaceutical Group Study the physical and chemical characteristics of compounds synthesized or extracted from natural sources in order to evaluate potential drug compounds in the best way. Perform pre-formulation studies and suggest the best pharmaceutical form for the studied compounds. Evaluation of pharmacotherapeutic properties and the stability of each product. Designing and evaluating new drug systems and nanomaterials Performing cell and microbial studies needed to evaluate the efficacy of formulations and synthesized compounds. Studies on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the compounds and forms of drugs developed in laboratory and clinical animals.

# Members Degree Interests Emails
1 Dr. Sahar Abbasi(Head)   Pegylation of macromolecules, Synthesis and characterization of biocompatible graft and block copolymers as drug delivery vehicles design , synthesis and evaluation of thermo-sensitive copolymers as drug delivery vehicles, RAFT polymerization of acrylate polymers, AGET-ATRP polymerization of acrylate polymers (PEG-PHEMA, Ring-opening polymerization of amino acid NCAs and preparation of corresponding polymers, synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanoparticles like magnetic and selenium nanoparticle. Preparation and characterization of conventional pharmaceutical formulations: fast disintegrating and sustain release mucoadhesive tablets, pharmaceutical gels, and pharmaceutical suppositories s.abasi@hums.ac.ir