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Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Center


The geographical location of Hormozgan province as well as its hot and humid weather and strategic situation have provided certain conditions for the incidence of a variety of infectious diseases and tropical medicine. To control infectious and tropical diseases in the province, Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Center was established in 2006.



To reach a prominent national and regional position To develop a management system of basic and applied research and community-based in the field of Infectious Disease To empower specialists to conduct researches



Research priorities:

The center has devoted all its activities to conducting research into the field of infectious and tropical diseases in the region based on the epidemiological situation of the infectious and tropical diseases of the region, as well as the priorities set by the World Health Organization as follows:

1- Research on HIV in educational, therapeutic, epidemiological and sexually transmitted diseases and viral hepatitis

2. Research on malaria concerning malaria elimination strategy until 1404, as well as the challenges ahead in the field of malaria, including epidemiological research, therapeutic and molecular research in malaria.

3. Research on tuberculosis and related topics in laboratory such as antibiograms and the detection of Mycobacterium atherosclerotic bacteria, monitoring of Dats Plus, tuberculosis and AIDS, Tuberculosis and Prison, and other epidemiological issues in the field of tuberculosis

4. Research in a wide area of ​​water- and food-borne diseases that is endemic in the region.

5. Research on emerging diseases (CCHF, influenza, etc.) that has been implicated in our province due to the geographical location of the province and the common borders with countries that have the potential to spread a variety of new diseases.

6. Research on antibiotic resistance and uncontrolled use of antibiotics in light of the repeated warnings of the World Health Organization

Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Center is committed to working to improve the health of the people by conducting applied research in selected areas and promoting research quality.



Full Time Members
# Name Specialty Email
1 Parivash Davoudian (head) Infectious Disease Specialty  
2 Habib Dadvand MD  
3 Afsaneh Karmostaji PhD in Bacteriology    


4 Mehran Shahi Ph.D. in Medical Entomology


5 Mirzaali Nazarnejad PhD by Research  
6 Fozieh Abedini Computer Engineering