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Fertility and infertility research center

Aimed at promoting maternal and infant health and determining future and priority needs of reproductive health, Hormozgan fertility and infertility research center began its activities in 2007. This center duty is to pave the way for conducting researches on fertility and reproductive health and to be a leading research center in the field of health education in pregnancy and a referral center for the treatment of health problems in the region. The center performs its duties through carrying out fundamental, functional and developmental research management process, making research results applicable to be presented to policy makers and clinical measures and training health staff and community.


Providing facilities and guiding and exploiting fundamental and applied research in the field of fertility and infertility

Research Priorities:

"Hormozgan Fertility and Infertility Research Center" was established with the aim of determining the priority needs of the present and future of reproductive health and infertility treatment and started from 2007. Each year the center determines the priorities of the center. To this end, this year, members of the Center were asked to comment on the importance of infertility researches. After summarizing the comments of the members, priorities were discussed at the meetings of the research council of the center and the final list of priorities was elaborated.

# Name Specialty Email
1 Minoo Rajaei Obstetrics and Gynecology
2 Maryam Azizi Gynecology and Infertility
3 Fatemeh Eini Reproductive Biology 
4 Mahmoud Omidi Toxicology
5 Mahshid Mahboubi Midwifery
6 Pegah Mousavi Medical Biotechnology