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Research Center for Molecular Medicine


This center is a comprehensive research laboratory and the Center for Molecular Medicine. Goals and objectives of the center are as follow:

- Conducting research projects in the field of molecular science applications for treating diseases

- Conducting research projects in identifying the missing link in the chain of theoretical and laboratory research and clinical application

- Conducting research projects in the field of the current situation and favorable conditions of molecular technologies for treating diseases

- Conducting research projects to identify actual and potential internal and external market to provide findings and determine priorities for investing in this area

- Conducting research projects to determine research priorities in the field of molecular medicine in the country and in the province

- Communicating relevant authorities in order to transfer the results and achievements of the researches conducted in the field of molecular medicine

- Developing effective relationships with other research centers and universities and higher education institutions in the province and exchanging technical and engineering advice

- Active and effective participation in committees and meetings of policy makers and health care chain

- Holding educational seminars and workshops to be familiar and strengthen interactions with stakeholders

- Creating an advisory council composed of representatives of the relevant institutions of molecular medicine in order to provide strategic recommendations to policy-making authorities



- Holding specialized meetings and workshops in order to be familiar with ideas, needs and capabilities with medical specialists and researchers in basic sciences,

- Creating an informing network of capabilities, ideas, interests, and experiences in order to facilitate the flow of information about medical equipment between scientists and current research

- Holding Joint committees of various medical specialties in the field of basic sciences to identify needs and develop ideas

- Holding annual congresses on achievements and innovations in the field of molecular medicine

- Publishing written and electronic newsletter to inform the achievements of molecular medicine research center in the country and in the province

- Communicating relevant international organizations to draw their interest to new technologies developed in the country

- Providing hardware and software needed to access to scientific resources

- Allocating the resources needed to carry out research projects to achieve emerging technologies in the field of molecular medicine

- Providing advice to researchers on the needed research as well as providing logistical requirements

- Encouraging Pro-development institutions to allocate sufficient resources for conducting applied researches in the field of molecular medicine

- Attracting resources from technology development institutions to conduct applied researches in this area



Research Priorities:

Molecular pharmacology & Medical biotechnology

Molecular Genetics & Molecular pathology

Molecular physiology & Biochemistry

Molecular Microbiology & Molecular Epidemiology of infectious disease





# Name Specialty Email
1 Mohammad Shekari Genetics mshekari_ch@yahoo.com
2 Abdolazim Nejatizadeh Genetics azimnejate@yahoo.com
3 Kianoush Malekzadeh Medical biotechnology  Keyanoosh@gmail.com
4 Soheila Moein Clinical biochemistry moein@hums.ac.ir
5 Nepton Soltani Medical physiology  solnep2002@yahoo.com
6 Sedigheh Javadpour Microbiology   sjavadpour@hums.ac.ir
7 Hamed Gouklani Virology  gouklanih@gmail.com
8 Nadereh Naderi Immunology nnaderi@hums.ac.ir
9 Ghasem Attarzadeh Yazdi Physiology  gattarzadeh@yahoo.com
10 Ebrahim Eftekhar Biochemistry Eftekhar19@gmail.com
11 Hesam Alizadeh Medical Bacteriology Alizadeh.h2000@yahoo.com
12 Afshin Samiei Immunology  
13 Zeinolabedin Sharifian Anatomy  
14 Mohammad Zamani Anatomy