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Maternal and Child Health Research Center


Persian Gulf Maternal and Child Health Research Center of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences is the first center in Bandar Abbas in the field of maternal childcare researches which began its activities in 2010.


“Production of science and technology to improve the health of mothers, children and the elderly in the province” Maternal and Child Health Research Center with the empowered teachers and motivated staff through innovative research projects tries to improve maternal health in the province. Using competent teachers and motivated staff, Mother and Child Health Research Center tries to help Vice-chancelleries for Treatment and Health through performing innovative research projects in the field of maternal health, identifying the needs of pregnant and non-pregnant women, infants, children, promoting knowledge and skills to care for themselves and society and disseminating scientific and technological achievements.

Major Objectives:

To have a research authority in the field of mother and child health

To reach the consulting status for maternal and child health care policies

To be a specialized and practical training center for maternal and child health care in the south of country

Research Priorities:

  • Complications of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Maternity related studies
  • Child mortality and illness
  • Women's Health Screening
  • Mother and baby nutrition status
  • Pre-maturity
  • Sexual health
  • The process of child development and development
  • The health of the baby and the baby
  • Reproductive health and health literacy
  • sterility


# Name Specialty Email
1 Nasibeh Rouzbeh (head) Genetics  
2 Asieh Pormehr MA Midwifery asipormehr@yahoo.com
3 Leili Darvish Medical Physics   leilidarvish@gmail.com
4 Arefeh Shahi Clinical biochemistry a_sh4310@yahoo.com
5 Azita Kamjoo Medical physiology


6 Mojdeh Banaei Microbiology  
7 Azam Moridi Virology   
8 Nasrini Tayyari Immunology  
9 Laleh Hasani Physiology