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Teaching Physiology for MA Students by Oklahoma University Professor



"In line with the internationalization of medical education, MA physiology students class was held as video conferencing on the topic of physiology processes of glomerular capillaries by Professor Ranch from the University of Oklahoma" said Dr. Gouklani, director of international relations of HUMS.

He added that it was the first classroom video conferencing held by Professor Alexander Ranch a leading international teacher from the University of Oklahoma. MA physiology Students studying in the school of medicine attended the classroom and learnt some educational materials related to their field of study.

One of the students in the class, while expressing satisfaction with holding this type of training, emphasized the continuation of these classes and said that in these classes, useful materials are taught for the students; the important and influential part of this class is the two-way communication between a teacher and a student in which the concerns and questions of the students were answered


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