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Dr. Hossein Farshidi


Iran’s medical universities work under the supervision of the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences is led by the Chancellor Dr. Hossein Farshidi. He supervises seven vice-chancelleries which are responsible for developing education, research, health, treatment, food & drug, resource management and student affairs.

In the Name Allah

In addition to trying to honor and celebrate the great achievements of the past, we put all our efforts to create a relaxed, lively and dynamic atmosphere in order to pave the way for more inclusive researches, better training and services and to make sure that people are more satisfied with our client services. The main outlines of our programs will be emphasizing on:

the comprehensive system of evaluation and map of the academic members in the field of education
the targeted research and problem-solving
the promotion and development of student services
the practical integration of education and primary health care
the providing patient-centered health care services
the development of professional behavior through culture and targeted supervision in order to promote the quality of our services
the development of international relations to create new resources
the efforts to attract donors’ support in all areas

the special attention to cultural aspects aimed at strengthening the national and religious identity Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences (HUMS) seeks its long-term horizon in promoting its regional and international stance and strives to achieve the best. To achieve this long-term goal, I ask all university colleagues to assist me in this way. Our university can and should maintain its leading role in Iran’s academic community and to do so, HUMS welcomes all experts with high ambition.

Hossein Farshidi, MD


Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences