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About School of Health


In order to train specialists in health sector, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences attempted to accept students in different majors in the field of health. The school of health started with degrees of environmental health and family health in 1992 and 1994 respectively. The main objectives of school are promoting educational levels, promoting post graduate degrees, strengthening academic staff and improving the quality of education. Currently, the school of health has six degrees including public health (BSc), Environmental Health Engineering (BSc), medical Entomology (BSc), occupational health engineering (BSc), health education (BSc) and Environmental Health Engineering (BSc).



The programs in School of Health are as follow:

  • Medical Entomology (B.Sc)
  • Occupational Health (B.Sc)
  • Environmental Health (B.Sc)
  • Public Health (B.Sc)
  • Environmental Health Engineering (M.Sc)
  • Health education (M.Sc(
  • Health Education and Promotion (PhD)