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Medical Entomology

The Department of Medical Entomology is one of the departments at the School of Health admitting undergraduate students in B.Sc. Since 2001. The aim is to educate people who can diagnose diseases caused by insects and other arthropods and provide appropriate solutions to these problems. Given the fact that insect-borne and other arthropodic diseases in Iran are very important, and diseases such as malaria and leishmanias are still a matter of our country's health, doing research in the field of ailments and Interventions on community health are among the research objectives of this course.



academic activities :

- Teaching courses related to medical entomology at different levels.

- Conducting an internship course in the field of medical entomology students

- Cooperation with Vice-Chancellery for Health in the field of the control of arthropod-borne diseases

Research activities:

- Conduct researches and tests related to student projects

- Conduct research and experiments on research projects of faculty members




# Members Degree Interests Emails
1 Dr. Habibollah Torki Head) PhD in Medical Parasitology Research in Medical Parasitology issues  h.turki@hums.ac.ir
2 Dr. Mousa Soleimani PhD in Medical Entomology& Vector Control Research in Medical Entomology issues msolimani@hums.ac.ir
3 Dr. Alireza Sanei Ph.D. in Medical Entomology and Vector Control Research in Medical Parasitology issues Alireza.sanee@gmail.com 
4 Dr. Mehran Shahi

Scorpiology, Entomology, Field and Ecological Studies , Transmitted diseases by carriers, medicinal plants, Natural insecticides




Research in Medical Parasitology issues mehran.shahi@hums.ac.ir
5 Abbas Poudat MSC in Medical Entomology& Vector Control Research in Medical Entomology issues