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Hormozgan is a province located in the south of Iran. It covers an area of 70, 697 km2, facing Oman and UAE . This province has 14 islands, more than 10 ports, 3 international airports, commercial and industrial zones, tourist attractions and so on that makes it one of the most prominent provinces of Iran.


Mangrove Forest Indian Temple | HUMS
Mangrove Forest  Indian Temple 










Hormoz strait, one of the most strategic water passages in the world, is located in the realm of Hormozgan. Its provincial capital is Bandar Abbas which is one of the Iran's 20 biggest cities. Hormozgan experiences a warm and humid weather year round.


Shahid Rajaee Port | HUMS

                                                   Shahid Rajaee Port


Hormozgan has 12 cities, 26 towns, 34 districts and 81 villages. Bordered by sea (Persian Gulf), it is one of the most significant poles of fishery in Iran. Also due to its warm climate, Hormozgan has the second place in date production. There are many attraction sites in the province.


Sand Carpet in Hormoz Island |HUMS Dolphin Park in Kish Island  | HUMS

          Sand Carpet in Hormoz Island                        Dolphin Park in Kish Island 

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