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Aimed at promoting oral health and developing dentistry science in Hormozgan province, school of dentistry was established in 2008. To achieve its goals, Bandar Abbas School of dentistry plans to supply dentistry specialists needed for the province. The schools main goals are as follows:


  1. Education and training of skilled manpower in General Dentistry in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education
  2. To develop the dentistry six-year training program
  3. To identify the twenty-year horizon of the School
  4. To identify the health needs of province in the field of oral health
  5. To determine the training needs and priorities of the school
  6. To identify the research priorities
  7. To provide continuing education programs for dentists according to local priorities
  8. To Provide health education programs according to local priorities
  9. To determine the infrastructure needs for counseling courses and distance education in the province.





Special Purposes of school of dentistry in First Four-Year Schedule:


  • For training human resources; Providing educational, research and welfare needs of students
  • For training human resources; providing professors, even if they are temporary, and using the country's first level dentistry graduates and trying to maintain human resources.
  • To set the six-year curriculum: Determining the capacity for admission of public and private students on an annual basis
  • To set the six year curriculum: designating the curriculum committee
  • To set the six-year curriculum: the preparation of the curriculum and the curriculum schedule
  • To set the six-year curriculum: Continuous monitoring of curricula and modification if necessary.
  • To set the six-year curriculum: preparing a comprehensive evaluation plan
  • To set the six-year curriculum: to continuously review and evaluate the activities of the faculty members
  • To set the six-year curriculum: continuous monitoring of graduates and knowledge of their educational needs
  • To set the six-year curriculum: determining the standards of employment and maintenance of faculty members
  • To set the six year curriculum: determining admission standards for dentistry students
  • To set the horizons of twenty years; to forecast the volume of work required by the province with regard to population growth and macro-provincial development plans.
  • To set the horizons of twenty years; the plan to fund or attract members of the faculty and specialist staff



School of Dentistry comprises of 9 educational departments:


- Endodontics

- Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology

- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

- Orthodontics

- Restorative Dentistry

- Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology

- Pediatric Dentistry

- Periodontics

- Prosthodontics


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