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Aimed at protecting and promoting public health through education and training general practitioners, School of Medicine was established in 1986. In 1994, the school attempted to accept and train residents in internal medicine, pathology, obstetrics, pediatrics and surgery. In 2010, the school accepted students in management public health (MPH) degree. The School has programs on clinical sciences including MD and residency programs as well as programs on M.Sc., MPH and PhD degrees in basic sciences.




School of Medicine is working to promote the major policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to implement the basic standards of medical education approved by the Supreme Council for Medical Science Planning. This faculty has a mission at the provincial, country and overseas level to train physicians to be committed, responsible, thoughtful and critical, familiar with their duties and health priorities, and capable of providing health promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, the management of health centers, therapeutic and related activities, the guidance and other leadership of the staff and the education of the community. This important issue will be implemented with the use of space and standard educational facilities, academic members seeking to expand the boundaries of knowledge, enjoy strong motivations, renewal in science, respect for social justice, and support for the patient and society and also by complying with the rules and regulations, and  guidelines submitted by Ministry of Health.



  • Improving the quality of educational, research and therapeutic services

  • Completion of human resources and promotion of professional level of faculty members and staff of the faculty

  • Improvement of Physical Structure, Educational, Research and Therapeutic Equipment -

  • Continuous enhancement of motivation and vitality among students, departmental staff and faculty members.


Bandar Abbas Medical School is committed to achieve the objectives as below

  • Step-by-step implementation of the basic standards of medical education based on markers developed in the Bandar Abbas Medical Faculty and based on the priorities set by the Basic and Clinical Sciences Planning Committees

  • Providing space, facilities and equipment needed for the implementation of medical education standards

  • Funding required for implementation of standards

  • Developing and implementing a program to increase the employment and survival of the most committed, most ambitious, most motivated and creative faculty members, experts and staff at the school.

  • Creating the spirit of partnership and cooperation among faculty members, students, and staff

  • Improving the ranking of school of medicine in comparison with other medical schools of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Establishing inter-university relations to cooperate with universities inside and outside the country.

  • Planning to support student elections for councils and legal formations at the school.




School of Medicine comprises of 30 educational departments, from which 16 are clinical sciences departments and 14 are basic sciences departments. The departments are as follows:


Basic Sciences Departments

- Immunology

- Parasitology and Mycology

- Pathology

- Biochemistry

- Pathobiology

- Anatomical Sciences

- Physiology

- Medical Physics

- Genetics

- Social physician

- Clinical reasoning

- Nutrition

- General Studies

- Islamic Studies

- English language

- Islamic manners


Clinical Sciences Departments

- Pediatric medicine

- anesthesia

- Forensic medicine

- surgery

- Internal diseases

- Radiology

- Psychiatry

- Obstetrics and Gynecology

- Emergency Medicine

- Occupational Medicine

- Cardiovascular

- Social physician

- Skin

- Pathology




 A wide range of different degree programs are provided at the School of Medicine, some of which are as follows.

- Postgraduate programs

Mycology and parasitology, Physiology, Genetics, Clinical Biochemistry

- Specialty programs

 Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Pediatrician0, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology



Contact us :

 Address: Pardis Educational Complex, Beginning of Imam Hussein Boulevard,Bandar-Abbas,Hormozgan,Iran

 Zip Code: 7919693116


 E-mail :medf@hums.ac.ir

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